I have been alluding to the scandal at my daycare, Village Infant & Toddler Center, but have been so exhausted with it all, I didn’t really share until now. Its so long but Im gonna give the cliffs notes version:

On friday I heard for 2 of my friends I work with (and recommended to go there) that they were called to pick up their babies immediately and that they could not come back.

Both of their teachers were fired and 8 babies were sent home and denied their daycare spot.

Someone (I was told it was a few parents but others are blaming one of the fired teacher) called the State licensing board for Ca about concerns… too many babies and babies transitioning to toddler group before they were ready.

Investigator came and sited them for 8 babies over capacity. They also were using an area for care that wasn’t permitted and didn’t even meet fire code.

We were notified but wasn’t being given satisfactory answers from the director. I also talked to the fired teachers who revealed other violations like lack of security (anyone can come into the infant toddler area), teachers were improperly documented with finger prints and background checks. They discovered that homeless were sleeping in the courtyard of the playground because of easy access and lack of security gate… and some other things.

I spent all weekend talking to terminated teachers and parents. The other PTA rep with me told me they requested she remove her child from the daycare but that they would still help her out 2 days a week “off the books” in the nursery room belonging to the church. Sooo… more illegal activity.

I had of course we decided he couldn’t stay but I hadn’t decided how quick to pull him because of logistics. We have no family nearby to help out and I am returning to work today!

Then, I got a call from Pickle’s teacher that SHE was also fired on Friday! And no one from the school notified me! They also told her that her 6 kids (min included) will probably be turned away too.

So my sister drove from out of state to help us out and stay with him this week. There is a PTA meeting on Tuesday that I plan to attend (so long as I am not called before that and told my spot is gone). I want to hear what the Director has to say. And then I will officially withdrawal him on Wednesday. So for now I am frantically, but not hastily, looking for a new daycare.

Thats the story so far! Im sure more will come to light every day.



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