Obviously, being 16 months old this past Christmas, this was not Pickle’s actual first Christmas… but it was his first one that was interactive! It was so fun to watch him discover the Xmas tree over the month of December. Being as cautious as ever and softly hooting is questioning/concerned sound :P. I was so pleased how gentle he was with ornaments and only broke 2! He didn’t particularly enjoy touching the tree… he has an aversion to sensory things like that… and managed to leave presents alone too! We were smart, though, and only decorated the tree and wrapped presents when he was asleep for the night. Even though it was hard to get into the Xmas spirit (something just didn’t feel like Xmas) it was far better than last year when we were dealing with the sprinkler explosion and flooding in the house!

Christmas came and we were excited to be spending it with my dad and step-mom! This was the first time we ever got an Xmas alone with them. The night before, we set out only a few Santa gifts. We got him a Sheriff Woody and my dad supplied a T-ball setup. The images I captured of Levi running down the hall to the living room are priceless. He wasn’t excited because of Xmas or Santa… he was excited simply because of your love, excitement, and attention on him! He quickly learned about unwrapping the gifts and seemed to enjoy it. A few gifts in and he was too preoccupied with the new stuff to keep going, so Craigery and I opened ours. Soon he was interested again and we finished opening the gifts. We got him: Stride Rite shoes, 5 Golden Books of Pixar stories, Bongo drums, and a Wooden food chopping set by Plan Toys. In his stocking he had things like bubbles, wooden train whistle, a Jacob’s ladder, and a giant crayon of melted crayons. Pickle had a great Christmas and got many other things from our families. I am happy to say that nothing was a dud and sports and instruments seemed to be the focus! Enjoy the photos!



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