Last post I mentioned that Levi’s physical therapist wanted us to try disposables for a little while to see if it positively effected his base of support.

I did what she asked. We used sposies (disposables) for nearly a month. I thought for sure we were going to fall in love with the convenience of throw away diapers. No. I hated it.

Mostly I hated buying all those diapers!! I hated watching the pile dwindle down and the inevitability that we were going to have to buy more soon. We bought a new box every 10-ish days! Granted, we were using Seventh Generation diapers in size 4 so each box only had 50 dipes in them. If I had resolved to get jumbo target brand then only 1 box would’ve been enough. I’m no crunchy granola mom but I do like to choose as natural a diaper as possible and even then I’m sure there are more Eco friendly options. Every time I spent $20 on a box I kept thinking I could’ve bought a new cloth diaper or maybe 2 used ones! I was happy to return to cloth last week.

I did notice a difference in how he walked, so I made it my mission to try some other, less bulky, cloth diapers. Most of my stash is Bumgenius and a few Kawaii Baby. I sold 11 of my cloth diapers and bought 13 new (to me) other brands from the various swaps on Facebook. I really enjoyed THAT retail therapy ;)

The brands I bought were: Bottom Bumpers, Itti bitti, Peachy Green (including a Fishnoodle & a Bright Star Baby which was their old name), and Swaddlebees. I also want to try Charlie Banana, Apple Cheeks, Grovia, and Thirsties. If you know cloth, you can see I chose diapers that are sized rather than one size that I had. I read that buying sizes greatly reduces the bulk in the butt and between the legs.

It will take a while to really consider and decide about each diaper, but I have a long hiatus coming up (6-8wks looks like) and I plan to take good notes on each brand and review them! Stay tuned! In the mean time, enjoy these adorable photos of Levi in the Bottom Bumpers!




PS. Don’t forget to answer the anonymous poll about cloth diapers!! ————————–>>

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