Today was our 15 month well-baby and I was glad to have it. Pickle awoke with some sort of reaction going on! He had terrible welts on his shoulders and a little on his chest. We looked for bug bites but couldn’t find any. Pickle didn’t seem to be bothered by it. By the time I got to the Pediatricians office, the welts he had subsided some to red spots but now he had welts on his legs, lower back, and a little on his hands. The Dr. said it had to have been something he ate but he had only nursed so far that morning and I didn’t eat anything out of the ordinary. Last night’s dinner included some things he doesn’t often have like cauliflower and chicken gravy all part of a casserole. And the Dr. said that would’ve been too long ago. Anyway, his breathing was fine so he got a dose of Benadryl to stop the reaction. By the time we arrived at daycare, all that was left was some slightly red areas. So weird.

He weighed in at 23.5 lbs and was nearly 32″ tall. That’s 58th percentile for weight and 72nd for height. Head circumference was 19.5″. I still decided against the shots, for now, especially because of the reaction which the Pediatrician agreed with. She really recommended we start giving some of them at the 18 month well baby in February. I think I will be ready by then. He is making such great progress that there is little concern about them triggering anything. Ill need to go back to the Dr. Sears book and see which ones I want and which ones can wait. I’d like to get past 2 years old for some of them. He hasn’t had any reactions to vaccines before, but I want to take precautions, especially since he isn’t the most advanced child and does show sensitivity to food at least.

As far as therapy goes, he is doing really well in PT (physical therapy). He can walk now but doesn’t use it on his own to get around. Only does it when prompted as a game or practice. It wont be long I think. He had a re-eval yesterday though and they said he is still pretty weak in the right leg and hip. When he is encouraged to lead with that leg, he collapses when bearing all his weight solely on that leg. The left leg he doesn’t. They want to continue with 2x per week and would prefer 3x per week to correct issues faster. Once he is walking continuously, its harder to correct some of these issues. You can only fine tune after that, pretty much. I don’t really have anymore visits though so I have been on the phone with Regional Center, a national government provided service for families to get the help they need for their delayed and disabled children. They can kick in when insurance is up, but Pickle isn’t as delayed as he was originally so I wont get as many visits. But, my insurance can release another 28 visits at the start of the new year so worst case scenario, he will have to wait until then.

The Pediatrician was asking about Pickle’s speech. He can only say “mama” and doesn’t even attempt to imitate any words you say with him. As well as he is doing, he still doesn’t imitate. So, she said by the 18 month well-baby, she wants him to be able to say 5 words which is the minimum for that age (doesn’t have to be clear, but it has to be a consistent word relating to something). If he cant, then off to speech therapy we go. I don’t think we will reach the end of therapy for a while. It’s hard, but I am so grateful there are services out there and that he can get the help he needs. It’s just so exhausting.

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