I am in desperate need to blog! I have a few things I want to post about, but first I want to share photos from Levi’s 2nd birthday!

We did a circus theme at a great park in Beverly Hills called Cold Water Canyon park. We chose it so we could get out of the valley and into the cooler side of Los Angeles. This park also has an awesome water feature that we love! It has a man-made stream that trickles through the park and ends in a small wading pool. The stream is mere inches and the wading pool cant be more than a foot of water. Its a great spot to cool off! Being in Beverly Hills, though, they are quite strict with what they allow… which is almost nothing. I sort of ignored this assuming the ranger wouldn’t come by unless someone complained and so long as I didn’t have some sort of jumper or lots of tables/chairs. Well, I was wrong! He certainly earned his paycheck– he came by and told me what I shouldn’t have done/brought, but let me off and said not to do it next time. Hehe.. ok.

Most of the decor I got from Oriental Trading company including the kids gift boxes. The cake and cupcakes inspiration came from pinterest, of course! If you want to see or follow any of my Pinterest boards, there is a link on the right. Everyone seemed like they had a fun time and I got lots of compliments. I almost did the circus theme last year… and Levi got super into trucks and construction after I started planning… so next year, if he is still into them.. I think we will do a truck theme. Enjoy the slide show! Come back soon for an update on Levi’s health, development, Disneyworld trip from this past May, and what we decided about the cloth diapers!

PS. Someone also shared some exciting news with me at the party.. but I cant say who… and I cant say what.. just yet ;)

PSS. If you want to see the post I did for Levi’s 1st birthday last year, click HERE! I made a collage video.


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